The simplest way to keep your photos where they belong, at YOUR home!

What is it?

PhotoBackup is a set of mobile and server applications to free the photos you take with your mobile devices and keep them on your own server, at home.
Yes, it is a kind of self-hosting! You can also call it home-clouding, but I'm not sure the term really exists (yet).


Because only YOU should access YOUR photos! Do not let Facebook/Google/Apple/any-other-company keep your pictures on their servers, as you don't know how and what they use them for. PhotoBackup is here to help you in the process.


The easy part is to install a mobile application and use it. Currently, only Android is supported, but hopefully more systems will be in the future.

The slightly trickier part is to install a server application on your server, ideally at your home. Several implementations are available, in Python, Perl, NodeJS, Go and PHP at this moment. More will probably come in the future.

You're right, the future will be full of new stuff ;-) This is just the beginning.

Mobile apps

Android screenshot


The Android application is a simple service always running silently in background and sending photos to the associated server as soon as you take them. An upload journal allows you to see the status of each photo in your device. Does not backup videos.

Get it on Google Play

Get it on F-Droid

Get code on github

Python CLI

The simplest PhotoBackup application is a console Python 3 client. Use it to test your server.

Get code on github

Next: iOS, Firefox OS, etc.


On your server, at home

There's probably a server for you

We developed many implementations, pick the one you prefer.


The main implementation, made with Bottle and installable through PyPI.
Download it from


A Perl implementation, installable through CPAN.
Download it from


A NodeJS implementation, installable through npm.
Download it from


A Go implementation.
Download it from


A PHP implementation.
Download it from

Next: integration into Cozy Cloud, Freebox, etc.

More server implementations will be available in the future. Noticeably, we think of a Cozy Cloud application and some applications for TV-STB like Freebox, Live box, etc.

Check back often to see what's new! If you're interested in helping to hack some code, feel free to fork the code or contact us.

Now, you can rest

Your pictures are safe

At home